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AEF International – Reaching Asia Through Nationals

Although much has been accomplished for Christ in the last 2000 years, Asia continues to be the most challenging continent in terms of evangelism.

Consider the following staggering statistics:

  • Asia contains 60% (or 3/5) of the entire population of the world
  • Asians speak more than 1500 different languages
  • The greatest number of unreached peoples is found in Asia. Although one out of four people in the world consider themselves Christian only six out of 100 people are Christians in Asia
  • There is one Christian worker to 1,000 people in North America and one Christian worker to 80,000 people in Africa, however, there is only one Christian worker to 180,000 people in Asia!
  • Many Asians live below the poverty line and do not have access to basic infrastructure

AEF International’s Ministry in Asia

  • AEF International was founded by well-known Asian evangelist, the late Dr G D James in 1960 and continues to reach communities all over Asia through the leadership of his son Dr Jonathan James
  • Its cutting edge in missions is to train Asians to reach Asia
  • It supports more than 200 national workers reaching out to their own people in their own languages  in 10 different countries
  • AEF International plants indigenous churches and also meets the development needs of communities by establishing primary and secondary schools, orphanages and some local income generation projects
  • On-site training centres and theological colleges support the development of the national workers

Every year an average of 2,200 people become followers of Christ and are added to local indigenous churches through the work of AEF International.

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Current Projects
Solid Rock Hospital

AEFI has completed stage 1 of this hospital with stage 2 to be completed in 2016, taking it from 12…

Overall progress
68.03% Complete
$ 415,000
$ 610,000
Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Two earthquakes greater than 7 magnitude struck Nepal in April and May this year causing widespread damage and many deaths,…

Overall progress
75% Complete
$ 75,000
$ 100,000